Script for a Fifth Avatar Film

There is more stories to tell in the spectacular world of Pandora. Currently, three sequel films are in development, and if all goes according to plan they will be released each year starting in 2017.

According to James Horner, the Oscar-winning composer of Titanic who also did Avatar and Aliens, said in an interview with Hey U Guys that Cameron currently has a script for Avatar 5. Watch the interview below
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Most successful 3D film

Script for a Fifth Avatar Film The most most successful 3D film to this days is James Cameron`s Avatar. Avatar was filmed with custom-built cameras and 3D software. Avatar is widely regarded as the most expensive movie ever made thanks to the cost of this new technology.

Use of motion caption

Script for a Fifth Avatar Film To achieve the face capturing, actors wore individually made skull caps fitted with a tiny camera positioned in front of the actors' faces. The information collected about their facial expressions and eyes is then transmitted to computers.


Script for a Fifth Avatar Film Consider as one of the best 3D movies of all time. Join us and read more about James Camerons Avatar.

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