The wolverine

Marvel Comics
For most of the character`s history, he was simply known as Logan – no last name, in true celebrity style. In his 2001 origin miniseries called, uh, Origin, Marvel finally revealed his true name: James Howlett.Aroooo

Illustration by David


Stan Lee

The wolverine One of the most influential man in Marvel Comics and comic book history Stan Lee was born as Stanley Martin Lieber. At the time he started writing comic books, he decided to use the name Stan Lee because he wanted to save his real name.

Founder of Marvel

The wolverine Marvel, later known as Marvel Comics is an American publisher of comic books started in 1939 by Martin Goodman. Unfortunately Goodman`s has an obscure background. Sources claims he was born in Brooklyn and and was eldest of 13 childrens. He reputedly traveled in hobo camps until he was hired as salesman for Independent News.


The wolverine Compared to other characters in X-men, Professor Xavier’s character was inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Academy Award–winning actor Yul Brynner according to creator Stan Lee.

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