Budget for the Matrix

Apparently Wachowskis sold Warner Brothers on the project with the $10 million opening sequence. When the brothers first approached the studio about the project they had a projected budget of $60 million.

The brothers spent the entire $10 million on the film’s opening sequence and impressed the studio enough that they were given the initial asking budget to finish the movie.



Budget for the Matrix Graphic novel artist and Frank Miller collaborator (Hard Boiled) Geoff Darrow drew the Nebuchadnezzar set.

The name Nebuchadnezzar is a Biblical reference to Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon, from the Book of Daniel.

Bullet time

Budget for the Matrix Bullet time effect was an innovation from Matrix.
The process of this effect drops the onscreen action into slow-motion as the camera rotates around the actors, combining mo-cap technology and multiple stationary cameras firing in sequence.

Visual design in Matrix

Budget for the Matrix


Step in to the inspiring world of matrix and learn more about, visual effect and postproduction.

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