New ideas, new goals for G4D

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We have been thinking about our ambitions and goals for Gallery 4 Design since the last year. What we can say for sure is that it has been a joy to work with Gallery 4 design and all the ideas, inspirations it has given us personally and in our professional life’s. From time to time we have also realized the inefficiency of time to take this website to the next level.

Finally, we decided to remake and set other goals. We have decided to join and collaborate with another platform/ website named Galleries Collaboration Studio. By doing so, we can start to focus on developing Gallery 4 design. Galleries Collaboration Studio will mainly do the advertisements on social media. We have also agreed to let them take over our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Still we will manage our own Pinterest page.

As for our readers and followers, nothing dramatically is going to change. Even though we are planning to remake the website and focus on other issues just to customize and identify our trademark later this year. The biggest change however, is regarding the dictionary page. It has been moved and will be administrated by some-one else.

We hope you still can enjoy Gallery 4 Design and still support us via Galleries Collaboration Studio. Co-founder of Gallery 4 Design Samuel Moses.


What happened 2017?

New ideas, new goals for G4D

2017 was a pretty good and interesting year. Not only because of the new experiences we gained but also by all the artistical inspiration we witness by several artists worldwide. We would like to share some of the most popular artworks, artists interviews etc. with you.

Once again, we would like to thank all artist and inspirators who allow us to share their works. We wish all artists and enthusiasts a happy new 2018!



Most red interviews

  1.  Illustrator Marjun Lazarte 

  2.  Interview nr.16 Johanna Tarkela

  3.  Interview Cyril Rolando

Most Viewed G4D submissions

  1.  Kirk

  2.  Bbenjaminfreelance
  1.  Bbenjaminfreelance


Most shared Pinterest artworks

  1.  Apotlas By Mateusz Ozminski 

  2.  By Johana Tarkela 

  3.  Chewbacca by Chris Wahl


Top 3 Most Popular Pinboard

  1. Concept Art - Landscapes Collection
    Concept Art - Mind-blowing Cities & Civilisations

  2. Portraits & character designs

  3. G4D All Time Inspiration


Most explained word in G4D dictionary  

  1. Georges Melies

  2. Photoshop

  3. Composition

  4. Terragen

  5. VFX

Most visited countries

  1. Sweden

  2. United States

  3. Great Britain

  4. Canada

  5. Germany

Great News!

New ideas, new goals for G4D

We have lately notice and analyzed visitor’s behaviors on our website and other social media pages and have decided to help you out.

We have now launched a Gallery 4 Design speedpainting page. This page is mostly created for visitors who’s interested in sharing their speed art/speedpainting. You are also welcome to share your social media art page such as DeviantArt, Twitter Instagram etc.

We hope you enjoy and find the page useful and subscribes to our YouTube Chanel dedicated to speedpainting.

Stay tuned because the best is yet to come :D
We hope

Welcome Back

New ideas, new goals for G4D

As you maybe have noticed there are some changes on the website. Beside the layout we have also tried to make the website more user-friendly and adaptive for mobile devices.

What’s new?

  1. Objective – This time we are focusing on one thing. First thing is focusing on topics related to artwork and allowing peoples to upload their personal works (Artist login).
  2. G4D all time –  The page All time is simply a collection of the greatest/ most impressive artworks we have ever seen. To see the full collection, check out our Pinterest page.
  3. Youtube – We will also be sharing more of our thoughts and creating tutorials/ ideas and discussions related to topics related to the subject art or movie making.

We hope you enjoy our updates and once again welcome back!

P.S it doesn’t get more personal on Instagram.
You can see and read our daily life through pictures. Stay tuned =)

User account soon to be launched

New ideas, new goals for G4D Soon enough you can create your own user account on G4D website. With your own account you can upload your artworks and integrate with other artist across the globe.
Stay tuned for more information.

Step In To The Gallery

New ideas, new goals for G4D Thank you for visiting Gallery 4 Design.

We never thought the idea of creating a website could turn into what it has become today. The idea of connecting to the rest of the world and learn from other artist turned out to be quite fun, inspirational but most of all educative.

Artist from all part of the world shares their experiences and stories and we believe there is much to learn from it. We are however striving to 1. Continue to inspire art enthusiasts and individuals interested in art, design or media production. 2. Create a diverse gallery with material such as stock videos and stock photos to individual and simplify their daily work. We wish all visitors a pleasant stay on our website and once again thank all enthusiasts for following and supporting us. The best is yet to come The G4D team

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