Co creator of The Simpsons dies aged 59

The Simpsons
Emmy winner and co-creator of The Simpsons Sam Simon passed away March 8, 2015.
He once said The Simpsons gave him more freedom, “You can draw animals and sets but the animated characters also have freedom. The Simpsons sometimes do things that real people would not do”.

After he came to know of his illness in February 2013, Simon turned to philanthropy and donated his vast fortune, a cool $100 million, to charity.

Sam Simon passed away aged 59, as nine-time Emmy winner and contributed in the movie industry as producer, creator, writer and director since 1979.


Is this the end of The Simpsons?

Co creator of The Simpsons dies aged 59 Harry Shearer - who is behind the voice of Ned Flanders, Mr Burns, principle Skinners and many others is planning to leave the The Simpsons before season 27. Watch Lawrence O`Donnell discussion on MSNBC with James Lipton of Bravo`s Inside the Actors Studio.

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