Illustrator Marjun Lazarte

 Illustrator Marjun Lazarte

Marjun Lazarte
Student/ Illustrator
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When did you begin creating art? Why?
I begin creating art since I was in high school. Probably 6 years ago and up to now I still create and re-create art. I still believed that "Everything is Art". Whenever I look or evaluate things, I know that it is art.

Do you have any role models from your profession
There are so many great artist in the world, especially here in Philippines. Vector X Vexel Philippines family and other classic artist out there.

Where or how do you find motivation to create a new piece of art?
Motivation comes when you start doing something.

What is the most challenging thing about being an artist and how do you face it?
The most challenging thing about being artist for me are choosing the path you want to take and finding what they called "style". Just think outside the box. Dont settle for lee ways. When you know you are happy doing something then just let it be.

What is the most important thing you would say to new Artists?

Dont think about the result. Think about the effort.

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