Illustrator and artist Joseph Luna

Illustrator and artist Joseph Luna

Joseph Luna
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When did you begin creating art? Why?
At first when I was a little I saw my brother draw a battle tank on his note book, when I saw it I am so impress, so amazing then I admire to draw anything comes in my mind like cartoon character superheroes etc..
I can not explain to myself why I love to draw, I think one of the reason is when other people saw my work & appreciate it.


Do you have any role models from your profession
Honestly everyone had a role model on their profession, even though if not an artist they had a role model as well, I am just ordinary guy that loves artwork.
I admire renaissance, and Pilipino artist, but most of it were influence by the people who surrounds me like my family, friends strangers that we have met ( "van Gogh ")( Vincent song.... hehehe.. even dog , movies etc.

"sounds corny" but it is true , why? Because those people surround me, give me inspirations every single day. It seems like they whisper on my ears and said.” believe in yourself continue what you started and inspire us to make good out of it.
And show other people that there is hope. Appreciate life that GOD gave us no matter it is hard or easy and the most important is planting love to your mind, heart and soul.


Where or how do you find motivation to create a new piece of art?
Sometimes I’m tired to create an artwork like I said, I am just an ordinary artist I have weakness to, but we need to fight that weakness every artist I know they had sick like that being tired ,lazy etc.

in my own I find motivation to people surrounds me like my friends my family also. sometimes I watch movies that inspired me and talking to my friends going out and have a good time, doing non sense things, trash talking at time passes while relaxing & mingling with friends and then suddenly concepts & ideas will cross my mind.


What is the most challenging thing about being an artist and how do you face it?
Everyone had weakness, they had a problem that comes, one it is financial problem, common reason why other artist they shift to other way of living.
The most challenging problem of them all that is hard to face is "self-discrimination" if that comes to you, your hope, dreams, and passion will lose, even a great and successful artist.
Hard times and good times are part of us, as long we live, let GOD be our guidance.


What is the most important thing you would say to new Artists?

For the new aspiring artist, I would like to say to continue and enjoy what you like to do, inspire other people show other artist comes after you, just enjoy life.
Sometimes it’s okay being boastful, lazy rascal, open your mind to reality sometimes this craziness helps you grow better artist, ”failure is the essence learning always keep your feet on the ground.


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