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When did you begin creating art? Why?
I have been drawing since I can remember. As to why, it may be because half of my family is artists so creating art was always around me,

though I can`t deny the big impact Sailor Moon had on me and set me on the track to what I want to create.

What is the most challenging thing about being an artist and how do you face it?
I guess the most challenging thing is how much an artist has to learn.
It`s not only about what colors to use to show a certain mood or how composition works but how much knowledge you actually have to get from other fields.

You always have to research what you`re drawing so if it`s humans you need to learn things like anatomy, fashion trends in certain ages or cultures.

If you`re creating sceneries then architecture around the world, for vehicles - how these look in reality etc.
And usually you have to research about all of these things at once.

What kind of tips and tricks can you give to new artists?
Don`t feel intimidated by things you don`t know how to draw yet. The way I`ve described learning might be quite overwhelming but by taking small steps and experimenting you can learn to draw anything!

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