Interview KenShjn Park

Interview KenShjn Park

KenShjn Park
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When did you begin creating art? Why?
I love drawing since i was a child, but i pay atttention to improve it 2 years ago, when I found devianart

Do you have any role models from your profession
I always look up to other digital artists who have made a name for themselves in the community and media- especially ones who are published.
Whether professionally published or self-published, it`s always great to see that it is possible to take your hobby and your passion and really build your own success from it!

What is the most challenging thing about being an artist and how do you face it?
The most is how to create work satisfying yourself and your commissioner as well.
Thers`s lots of times when I and my commsisioner or client argue about the work, but i try to mix them up and finish the work.

What kind of tips and tricks can you give to new artists?
Always use reference. Even a professional artist cant dwar well without reference

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