Interview nr.17 AironMag

Interview nr.17 AironMag

1. When did you begin creating art? Why?

Well, I think I was drawing as long as I can remember. I can`t say that I have any reason to draw, I simply love to draw; it is just part of me.

2. Who or where do you find inspirations?

I find inspiration mostly everywhere, but more often I find it in dreams. And usually a can`t draw without music.

3. Do any kind of movie, society or topic have an impact on what you decide to draw or illustrate?

I don’t have any exactly topic that influences me. But many movies and games have influence on me and my work.

4.What mistakes have taught you the most when it comes to developing your style?

Well you begin to work on your own style. You can try to do some replicas from artwork that you like.

It can help you to understand what you love it this artwork, and so you can make it part of your style. =)

5. Can you give us a little insight as to what goes on in your mind when you create your artworks?

It usually starts with an image in my head. In the beginning it is not clearly so I try to put it on canvas as soon as possible.

Then I start to flesh it out and clarify the details of the image. Often it comes out as the final picture or initial idea.

6. Which of your pieces are you most fond of and why?

It may be silly, but I do like portrays. Not some current piece, but all of them.

I like them because they help the personas that live in my head, appear in this world, well, at least partially. =)

7. What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?

I give you one but this one does matter. KEEP TRYING! Never give up, even if it seams pointless.

Because one day you may look back and see that the numerous attempts have led to this result, which you did not dare to hope. So keep trying, never stop!

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