Interview nr.18 Emi Li

Interview nr.18 Emi Li

When and why did you begin creating art and does it have an impact on your live?

I began creating art seriously when I was around 14 years old. It has a huge impact on my life - art has went from being my hobby to something I want to turn into a career.

What were your greatest obstacles/problems when you started creating art, is it the same today?

My greatest obstacles when I started creating art were financial. When I began drawing I wanted to be a traditional artist using fancy paints and pastels and Copic markers. These tools would have to be replaced every so often, and at the time it was simply too expensive and too much upkeep. It was also quite messy and a lot of clean up - I figured digital art would be a better investment. I worked to save up for my first drawing tablet and it has been a lot more convenient to pick it up and draw whenever I want; no fuss at all.

Today, I have two obstacles when it comes to creating art. The first is time - I'm a lot busier now than I was at 14, so it can be difficult sometimes to sit down and draw for extended hours. The second obstacle is mental illness. I suffer from bipolar disorder which can make it very difficult to get out of bed, be creative, or focus. Medication sometimes makes my mind cloudy and unable to think straight enough to come up with good ideas. It also really impacts consistency with my art presence online - I could have bursts of several drawings created in a short amount of time, then disappear for up to months.

3. Your art Goldilocks is really impressing; how did you achieve this?

Thank you very much! I really wanted to include a lot of the key aspects of the story in the drawing - the porridge, the chairs, the bed, the bears, and of course, the golden hair. Concepting took a while. I wanted the viewer to know exactly which story I was depicting just by looking at it. I chose to use warm and saturated colors to create a comforting and happy atmosphere that a lot of children's stories give.

4. Where do you found your greatest inspirations?

Currently I find my greatest inspirations on Artstation or Polycount. I am really inspired by 3D work and actually hope to pursue it as a career, but I definitely think admiring 3D works has influenced my drawings too.

5. Is it the same for you like many other artists.
To have a bunch of unfinished artworks and waiting for the right moment or time to finish it?

I usually finish artworks that I start in one or two sittings. If there is an old piece that I haven't finished yet, I would scrap it and start a better project. Sometimes the piece is just not right, then I never work on it again.

6. What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?

Like a lot of artists I would suggest regular practice and not to rely too hard on motivation. Even during creative blocks it's important to keep practicing - like drawing from photo references or from life.

You do not need to be creative to draw, you need to be disciplined.

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