Interview nr.19 svoidist

Interview nr.19 svoidist

When and why did you begin creating art?

I have established a page mainly on Deviantart for about a year and a half now.
I love drawing and I would like to do it for my living as well.

Did you learn or studied anatomy in order to develop your style?

Yes, this is a must. Do not draw human or any unfamiliar poses out of your imagination, always use reference like real life human pose or any great artists' work and don't trace over it as well. Imagination is good for creating design but drawing anatomy is about correction.

Your art Supergirl is really awesome, how did you achieve/create it?

Thank you for the compliment. When I was about to draw her, I tried to choose the most fitting pose to show her cute, adorable character.
It's a static pose but up in the air with the help of the wind blowing her hair and a cape. It can turn the piece more dynamic as a good mixture. I hope it's not too technical to understand.

Do you have any artistic role model?
A lot but I won't stick to just one as it could develop a bad habit of copying his/her style. Nothing is new in this world but diversity of the role models you pick can help form your own. Artgerm, Reiq, Neoartcore and many others.

What were your greatest obstacles when you started creating art, is it the same today?

The greatest struggle is achieving a good habit of drawing. To get it, you need to sketch a lot. Many people mistake sketching as rough drawing. It is actually not.
The reason it looks rough because an artist pulls the best out of them with limited or undesirable tools in inconvenient environment or time (Skill is more important than Tool).

If Exercising is to Athlete then sketching is to Artist, To keep hands, eyes, brain fit and you will be able to draw whenever you need to. When you get this habit, you will be able to draw more and learn more too.

What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?

I have mentioned some of them in the previous answers. One more thing that I would like to add in is "Ego". My teachers always remind about this a lot, suppress it.

You will learn more when you learn to take criticism. The harsher, the better. Whether it is fair or unfair, just take it. If it is a fair and reasonable criticism, then good for you. If it's not and like full with derogatory words, grow a thick skin and ignore them. Just like "Whiplash"

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