Interview nr.20 Alexandra

Interview nr.20 Alexandra

When and why did you begin creating art and does it have an impact on your live?

1. In fact, I have always been interested in drawing. I can't picture my current life without it.


Did you take any drawing classes or studied in order to develop your style?
2. Well... I'm in art school actually. But I'm still looking for my style

Your art bright fox is really impressing, how did you achieve/create it?

3. So, this should be clear in this video: .

But unfortunately text Information are made available only in Russian languages.


Where or how do you find inspiration?
4. I'm getting inspiration from pictures and drawings from other authors. I like to look at pretty things and animals. And what I see inspires me.

What were your greatest obstacles/problems when you started creating art, is it the same today?
5. Greatest problems when I started creating art was in the beginning when I couldn't draw and I couldn't get anything right in the end.
It was awful. I had to corrected sketch for hours.
Nowadays I don’t have these problems. But now I have to work a lot in order not to standing still and develop.


What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?
6. First of all, I want to wish them good luck. Secondly, I advise them to train every day.You must conquer fear of failure. And remember everything is in your hands!

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