Interview nr.21 Grobi Grafik

Interview nr.21 Grobi Grafik

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When and why did you begin creating art? 

I guess it's like nearly every other artist. Every child likes to draw and express himself with pen & paper. It's the same until today.

There're images in my mind and I'm still curious how they would look on paper - or better: on screen. And sometimes I try to visualize the visions of other people, then I get some money for this service. 

Did you take any classes in school in order to develop your style?
No. I wanted to study graphic-design many years ago, but I "didn't have the talent", they wrote me back after I sent in a portfolio. So I did it myself

Your art No Man's Sky is really impressing, how did you achieve/create it?

Thank You! I really love the visual style and colors in the game. To paint something similar, I referenced some covers of sci-fi-pulp. A really underrated pool of awesome artists.
I always want a "pin-up" in my pictures, so it started with the girl, who should cuddle with a weird alien, which should be cute and ...weird.

I put both in the profile to make the silhouette clear and eye catchy. The final is the background, where I just painted what went into in my mind.

Where or how do you find inspiration?
In other art-forms like movies, games and music. And it may sounds silly but it's true: the beauty of women.

What were your greatest obstacles/problems when you started creating art, is it the same today?
Sadly I'm not a great artist who has the perfect line with the first sketch. I fight with every inch especially when I draw more or less cartoony things. It's frustrating sometimes, how difficult abstract anatomy can be.

And I have to care about watching too many other portfolios. When I see inspiring styles, I want to try them out right away and it's always a mess, when I don't reach my own vision.

What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?
The only tricks I know are practice & passion.

I'm not a gifted person, there's more work than talent in my images, so I can talk for myself: there's no magic in there. Just practice & passion.

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