Interview nr.24 Teodora K

Interview nr.24 Teodora K

How long have you been drawing/creating art and what importance does it have in your personal/professional life?

I've been drawing ''forever'', but I started digitally and actually got into studying 3 years ago. Drawing is my number 1 priority in life and it's not just a hobby for me. 


Some artists struggle many years before finding a personal “artistic style” was it the same for you?

I am still struggling with my personal style, as many other beginners I don't have a clear vision yet of what exactly I want my style to be.
When you're just starting out you have so many different inspirations, so many different artists that you admire and you slowly start to pick up from their style, even without noticing and that's perfectly fine, just make sure you have a wide variety of styles to choose from so it doesn't look like you're just copying someone.


What were your greatest obstacles/struggles when you started creating art, is it the same today?

My obstacles are pretty much the same as before, in fact my obstacles have become even more. The more you draw the better you start to understand how little you actually know, but that shouldn't stop anyone, we just have to keep on learning. 

Peoples finds inspirations or ideas from all kind of places, where or how do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in games and more often in just browsing other people's art. Just logging in deviantart or artstation ( and looking at the artworks there is enough to get me inspired.


Do you have any artistic role model? 

I have plenty of artistic role models, making a list would take ages! :D


And the final questions. What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?

My main tip for anyone that is just starting out is to have patience. Give yourself sometime to learn because trust me there is a lot to learn and you can't do it all in one night and expect to be perfect at drawing.


There is plenty of online classes that are really helpful, that explain everything you need to know for the fundamentals. I also highly recommend subscribing to art channels on youtube!


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