Interview nr.25 Axsens

Interview nr.25 Axsens

Did you take any drawing or art classes to develop your style?

I finished 6 months of art classes long time ago, but it was not was very helpful for me. I never drew before.

After 2 years when I finished my classes I take my tablet again to try to draw something (I think it was Squiby adoptable pets). And I started to learn from zero. I consider myself self-taught.


How long did it take for you to find your “artistic style” ?
I'm still on it and I love to try new techniques, etc. 


How long have you been drawing/creating art and does it have any importance in your personal/professional life?
5 years or so. My hobby turned into my job that helps me to live. And I am grateful to all my watchers and patrons for their support. 

Which software’s do you use to create your artworks? 
I only use Photoshop CC15.


Artists finds inspirations or ideas from all kind of places, where or how do you find inspiration?

Music. All kind of music is my main inspiration, but of course it all depends on my mood.


And the final questions. What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning struggling artist?
I don't want to be typical, advising beginners commonplace like "Practice, practice, and more practice", or "Believe in yourself and you will succeed". Yes, it's all true, but you need not be afraid of mistakes, and work on.

Always try new things, ideas, and keep drawing day by day. The magic is in your hands ^^

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