Interview nr.27 Andrey Maximov

Interview nr.27 Andrey Maximov

1. How old where you when you got interest in creating art?

I am 39 years old. Professionally, I have be painting for 14 years. Like all children, I started painting as soon as I learned how to hold a pencil in my hands.
At that time my drawings were ordinary scribbles. I did not think that my life would relate to drawing.

For a long time, in my childhood, I dreamed of becoming a truck driver and often painted huge trucks and stuff like that. Maybe it influenced my passion for drawing in the future.


2. Did you learn or studied in school/toke any classes to develop your style?

My parents saw something in my doodling, and at 11 they took me to the Children's Art School, two years later I quit. At that time, I got carried away with music and thought of becoming a musician (the interest to trucks was already lost). I played in a band for some time but later returned to drawing. Like most of these bands, we eventually had to break up. 

I now was faced with a difficult choice of what to do next. I remembered my studies at the art school and entered the University in the graphic arts department. I decided to study art and art history, I gradually realized that drawing suited me best.


3. What were or still is the greatest obstacle/challenge as artist and how do you tackle it?

I think, the main challenge is the struggle between the pursuit of the ideal and your opportunities. The work you just finished quickly loses its magic. Yesterday you thought that this is the best thing you could accomplish, and today you notice the shortcomings in the work and you see that the work is no longer impressive as you thought.

But this means that you have become a little more experienced and grown up as an artist. This scenario will haunt you all your creative life. And there's nothing you can about it.
Better said, as soon as you think that you have reached perfection, that’s the moment you suddenly die as an artist.


4. What is your biggest achievement as an artist so far?
I really hope that my greatest achievement is ahead.



5. What motivates you to create another artwork?

I think that any artist unconsciously creates pictures and stories in their minds throughout the day. Some of them die at once. Some are piling up and forming into more complex images. In the end, the brightest of them turns into pictures. 

Reading books, watching movies, communicating with other artists helps the birth of images even more. As far as I’m concerned, many artists get their ideas this way. The brain constantly generates images, and you just must put it down on a piece of paper.


6. Which company would you like to work for, what role would you want?

It's not very important what company you work for, what’s important is how much you are interested in the project. An interesting project can be found in any, even the smallest companies. Working with an interesting project, that's what pays off all the forces that you spend on it.
Of course, it is important that I can provide for my family, so I would be misleading if I said that an interesting project is the only thing that I need.

At the moment I'm satisfied with the project I'm working on. At the same time, I am doing my project in my free time. So, this is enough, and I’m satisfied.

Regarding the role, I would like to work on complex tasks, for example, to develop how the city will look - the style of its buildings, benches, lanterns, signboard, etc., or create a location with an interesting landscape, a set of trees, bushes, grasses, and flowers.
Such work is performed either by the art director or the senior concept artist, in different companies in different ways.

7. What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?

All I have to say is already well known. Practice more but do it consciously. Combine theory and practice. For example, when studying the prospect, find an available book about this subject and make sketches based on this knowledge.

If you draw a person try to read about human anatomy. I would also advise you to study the history of art, from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece through the Middle Ages to Renaissance and so on to the present day.

Believe me, classical works have not lost their relevance to this day. Firstly, it will give significant knowledge about composition, color. Secondly, it will give you support for moving on. As Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

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