Interview with Digital artist Chris H

Interview with Digital artist Chris H

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Name Chris H
Digital artist

Social Website | Deviantart

When did you begin creating art? Why?
I started playing with tools like Photoshop around 1999. At first I was tooling around with mostly webdesign based topics.

The first thing I created, that made me think that there may be a future for me in an artistic field, was probably 2003. It was a mixture of Photoshop work and Terragen renders

As pretentious as it might sound I didn`t choose to work in an artistic field... the arts did choose me. When I was done with school I didn`t exactly knew what to do with myself.

"Something with computers" I tended to say when I got asked. A broad field, wouldn`t you agree? Through some acquaintances I learned about digital imaging and its possibilities.
With a little help I learned the basics for what lead me to this interview.

Which artists do you admire & why?

There are lots of people that create work that`s just amazing. In the field of matte painting it`s probably Dylan Cole .

When it comes to concept art then James Paick is fantastic. His paintings can look very raw and loose but still give you enough visual information to work. That`s something very hard to balance.

When it comes to pure digital painting we have a Gary Tonge who has an awesome eye for colours and composition.


Where do you find inspirations?

Mostly movie, games or portfolios from other artists. Every now and then it`s a scene or event described in a book.

Sometimes it`s a sleepless night when suddenly an idea pops up.

What kind of techniques do you use to enhance your artwork?
One thing I tend to do is to go into Adobe Lightroom when the actual creation process of a picture is done.

I treat my pictures like photos and have a look at how Lightroom might help me to push certain colours and the general mood of a scene.

What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?
Only one thing actually. Be patient. Doing something artistic and being good at it will take a lot of time and drive.
Most people tend to give up too early because they realize that they actively have to do something to get to a higher level.

But if you`re willing to invest time and heart... it will lead you somewhere. In the age of the Internet it`s also become easier to teach yourself instead of visiting expensive schools.

It may take longer if you do it yourself but it will eventually result in a unique style. Schools certainly are an alternative too and prepare you for everything.
So it`s basically up to you.

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