Interview with Keyade

Interview with Keyade


1. Some peoples do not even know how gifted they are because they never seen themselves as artist, when did you first realize your gift as an artist and how did you manage to take it further?

It probably happened when I was 5 :) While the other kids at kindergarten would draw everything in 2D or simplified flat images, I always drew the same thing in 3 dimensions, with value (light and dark).

I drew what I saw and couldn`t understand why the other kids drew the flat versions of it. I didn`t draw for a very long time after that...until one day my grandfather sent me pictures of beautiful portraits by Kagaya Yutaka and Melanie Delon (when I was 17).

I was so inspired that I started to look at drawing as a serious matter, in hopes that I would be as good one day :D Still working towards it after 5 years! I would say that everyone is an artist and should see themselves as one, and the rest is just an equal share of passion and practice.



2. Who or where do you find inspirations?

I`m usually inspired by other artists (online artists, mangakas, animators and photographers). I love reading/watching a good story unfold and I`m always inspired to draw fanart of it after that :D



Does movie, society or a specific topic have an impact on what you decide to draw or illustrate?

Yes definitely. Movies, animated films, manga, anime all have a tremendous influence on my style. Society and current affairs usually don´t show up in my work, because I want people who look at my art to have a momentary respite from the troubles of daily life.

But most of the time, drawing is a wonderful way for me to hold on to the emotion and beauty from a film/animation I´ve watched.



4. Has there been anyone that has greatly influenced your work?

Ahh there are so many, but the most major influences on my work are Memipong, Lily, Charlie Bowater, Sakimichan and 如月心. I learnt most of what I know now from them :)
Links to their profiles
1. Memipong
2. Lily - no longer has an active website, but most of her work can be found with the google search "lily artist"
3. Charlie Bowater
4. Sakimichan
5. 如月心



Which of your pieces are you most fond of and why?

My personal favourites are:

It took a long time to finish and I learnt so much in the process

Korra and Asami

I found a new style which I enjoyed very much

The First Encounter

I found a new style which I enjoyed very much

I love magical scenes, dragons and green forests Good Night

It was a collaboration with my best friend and I have wonderful memories of the painting process

Painting Nails

I learned to draw subtle expressions and create moods with this one.



If you had the possibility to work for any kind of film company or movie projects which would it be and why?

I would love to work with Rainbow S.P.A or Nitro+ for character design and storyboarding :) Both produce movies, though they specialize in animated TV series and games. But if another studio is producing a fantasy/historical fiction film, I`m all for it!



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