Interview nr.33 Elias Stern

06 May 2019 0 0

Art takes time and an eternity to master. Especially in the beginning, a calm and thorough approach helps a lot.

When and why did you begin creating art and does it have an impact on your personal or professional live?

Well I drew from a very young age onward, but getting truly committed to art was only in my early teens, when I tried to move into every possible field of art I could imagine to find out, where I actually belong.

There always was an urge to create something, a hunger never truly satisfied, but it wasn't until my late teen years that art is the nutrition for it and as such something very fundamental for my life and it has been a major influence both personal and professionally ever since.

Actually, art takes such a huge part now, I probably wouldn´t know how to define myself without it anymore.


Did you get encouraged in early age to pursuit your dreams/goals to become artist.

I didn´t really articulate my desire to become an artist early on, since I wasn´t sure of that for quite some time, though I got supported in pursuing my hobbies, which would eventually lead to getting professional with them.


What is/are the greatest obstacles as an artist and what´s your best tips to face it or them?

There´s plenty of obstacles, but I think two stand out for me in particular. First was the desire to get better and the goal I set for myself to reach at a certain point. It´s always helpful to have high aims for one´s art, but they shouldn´t become too overbearing.

Try to stay real - you can´t master it all within a year, just go one step at a time and every now and then look back and see what has been accomplished so far. The second would be living from your art.

It´s always a dream of many to earn money with their hobby, but that has many good and bad sides. It´s important to see how they weight each other up, before committing to pursuit a professional career.
I keep it very vague here, because there´s just too much to talk about here and there are many more people better suited to discuss this with than me ;)

When browsing through your gallery, I see many well visualized landscape artworks. Did you take any classes in order to develop your artistic style?

No. I'm self-taught and have always enjoyed nature as subject of my work and have taken a lot of inspiration from old masters.
I think their influence is what shaped my particular style the most, which shines through in my landscapes very much, I think!

No matter the art project, what part do you find is the most enjoyable?

There´re actually two phases, though the second isn´t always there. First is the idea, the moment when the mind starts running wild with all the possibilities, endless routes to follow and an imagination that keeps telling to do everything, with no limit anywhere to be seen!

The other one is the road to finalizing an artwork. It´s the phase where the piece is mostly finished, with just some more things that need adding and then it´ll be great!

Usually accompanied by an intense rush of adrenaline as the heart eagerly awaits it all come Though that doesn´t always come to fruition, not all artwork meets those goals and just stay short of greatness.
Though there´s always the next one, that will be even better, even if this one isn´t satisfying :)

And as a final question, what have you learned from one art project to the next? What advice do you have for the beginning artist?

Plenty! For beginners I usually recommend patience. Art takes time and an eternity to master (of which I´m far away still!). Especially in the beginning a calm and thorough approach helps a lot.

Yes, those amazing Youtube Videos show an artwork being created in an hour, but you learn much more taking 10, 20, 40 hours to create that one picture, than trying to rush it and giving yourself only an hour to work with.

Speed comes with experience, quality with patience. No need to rush, in the end you´ll be better off taking your time.
Both with you personally, but also with what you can show for when you´re done.


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